About – Introduction

WRTUK is a leading training provider based in Belfast Titanic Quarter, 101 Airport Road West, Northern Ireland. WRTUK was founded in 2017, firstly as a water and rescue training company providing specialist rescue to emergency and voluntary services. WRTUK developed the staff and hired a new team of educator’s, creating a broad width of qualifications from multiple Awarding Organisations. Courses ranging from RLSS-UK lifeguards, first aid, community ambulance first responder’s, education/ training, health and social care and voluntary Search and Rescue Qualifications. 


Clients & Customers

Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds, locally and offshore. Examples include, the security industry, close protection, remote medics, workplace first aiders, ambulance personnel and specialist rescue technicians.


The aim & future

WRTUK are now currently in the process of organising a fleet of vehicles for ambulance patient transport, urgent calls, organ transplant and repatriation. The FREC pathway will be increased to FREUC 5 diploma which is a higher award than the previous IHCD Ambulance Technician and the Future Quals Associate Ambulance Practitioner. FREUC 5 Leads onto the final year of the FREC paramedic pathway.

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