The support and advice from WRTUK has been unparalleled, from a quick and welcoming response to my Facebook message to ongoing tutor support through my FREC3 and most importantly during the step up to FREC4. The classroom environment was always made to be fun and engaging with the added benefit that if there ever was a question or query, individual help from the tutor was always available at any stage throughout learning. The trauma simulations were particularly exciting and beneficial as this allowed us to take the underpinning knowledge we learned that day in the class room and consolidate it while also learning how to work as a team/crew of responders to emergency medical scenarios. The trainers always ensured that we were comfortable with the material that was being taught before moving on and that we as learners had a point of contact for any questions after class or regarding the coursework books that have to be completed. Not only was WRTUK a great centre for learning the fundamentals of pre hospital care they also had the experience and expertise in the industry to provide advice regarding taking steps to a career in the ambulance service. I am very grateful for education and holistic development that WRTUK provided, I now find myself working on an emergency Ambulance for the East of England Ambulance service trust. If you are contemplating a first aid or FREC course I cannot recommend this company highly enough, you will get the support you need...all you need to do is ask.
Donal Mc Laughlin